Pia Allesch ISM Dortmund in Germany studying a Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone,

It’s been nine years I went to Australia for the first time in 2008.  I fell so much in love with this beautiful country and its awesome people that I swore to myself to come back within the next five years. It took me some more years to make this dream come true, but I eventually I got here. I could not be happier that I challenged myself to get here doing a master degree on the other side of the world in this exceptional environment.

I’ve had a wonderful time at the USC studying in the Master of International Business double degree program. In Germany, I am enrolled in a master’s program of International Management. The partner program with my home university allows me to complete another master’s degree from the USC within only one semester, which presents a big advantage over other partner institutions.

Besides, I really enjoyed the learning environment at the USC. A beautiful campus with modern facilities, nice cafes, supportive staff and competent nice lecturers who know you by name, and many kind fellow students from all over the world. And – most important– the kangaroos living on campus 😉.

Since my master’s program in Germany is completely taught in English, studying in English here felt natural. However, the educational system is a bit different to that in Germany, where we have most exams at the end of the semester. At the USC, you have three assessments per course and three deadlines. The workload should not be underestimated but with good time management, you can still enjoy the amazing surroundings of the sunshine coast: beautiful beaches and trips to places like e.g. Noosa, Brisbane or the hinterland.

I really enjoyed my time here and it feels the semester has passed much too fast. I can only recommend this unique experience to everyone who is considering to study in Australia.



Jannes Rabius from ISM Dortmund in Germany studying a Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast

Studying at USC was a totally different experience to what I knew from Germany. Due to the great weather, everyone likes to spend as much time as possible outside. The USC-campus is really nice, and offers lots of opportunities to have a good time there. I really enjoyed my time at the USC, even though I had to study a lot. Unfortunately, the semester in Australia starts earlier than in Germany, so there were still some assignments due for my home university.

During the semester, I met a lot of great internationals and locals who got loads of tips what to do in the area and which places to visit in Australia. During the mid-semester break, we did a road trip up to Cairns which gave us the opportunity to get to know Queensland better, see a lot of beautiful places and spot some animals. Overall, the Sunshine Coast is a great place to spend a semester or even longer. The beaches are great and Brisbane is only one hour away, so it is easy to spend some nice days in the sun, or travel through Australia via Brisbane or Sunshine Coast Airport.


If you are searching for a great Uni, with high quality in education and you want to have some fun during your semester abroad, USC is definitely the right place to go. I will continue my stay in Australia for a little bit longer and travel down to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania during the upcoming weeks, which also many others do after they finish their studies. As Australia is one of the biggest countries on earth, it takes some time to see all the beautiful places spread all over the country.


Claudine Rathjen from ISM Dortmund in Germany studying a Master of International Business at USC Sunshine Coast



 If you are in the same shoes as I was a year ago, deciding where to study during my semester abroad, then here are some tips and personal experiences that might help you and tell you, if USC is the right university for you:

There are multiple reasons why I decided to go to USC. Not only is the university located right next to the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast, with great waves for surfing and kangaroos hopping across the fields, but the university also has a modern campus, motivated lecturers and offers students from abroad the unique opportunity to gain a double degree. Have a look through the list of different courses offered at USC, because here you might find some special lectures that you won’t find at home, such as Food Marketing or Supply Chain Sustainability Management for business students (two of my personal favourites).

Even though the courses are demanding and there are assessments throughout the semester, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore Australia. Whether you want to drive up to the Great Barrier Reef during the mid-semester break, go shopping in close-by Brisbane or hike and mountain bike across the Sunshine Coast hinterland – there is something for everyone’s taste. Some of my highlights were feeding wild rock wallabies on Magnetic Island, surfing in Byron Bay and the exceptional view from Mount Ngungun. But also, everyday life here on campus is exciting, as you can meet lots of international students, stroll through the art gallery and drink your morning coffee next to the kangaroos on campus.

If you are looking for an adventure and want to study at a modern university, then USC is definitely the right place for you! Have fun and enjoy your time,