Clemence Mataruse from Zimbabwe studying a Master of Professional Accounting at USC SouthBank

IMG-20190406-WA0020My journey to Brisbane, Australia started in June of 2018 with a simple visit to the Koala Education Centre (my agency) in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. A friendly staff member (Kundai) sat down with me for a good consultation where I was given all the information I needed to get ready, and all the documents required for my application. Furthermore, she gave me various information about different institutions, their advantages and disadvantages, and also how coming to Australia and what it includes as opposed to other countries, which was a very good thing. Choosing The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) was a no brainer as I have an aunt who graduated from USC and she told me about its level of excellence.

IMG_20190530_103024Before coming to USC, I had studied an undergraduate degree from the University of Namibia in Banking and Finance back in 2016. Today, I am based at the USC SouthBank campus. Upon my arrival at USC in February of 2019 to study the two-year Master of Professional Accounting, I found the institution to be astoundingly superior to my former institution. My campus is in the heart of Brisbane itself, right in the middle of the city. SouthBank is the entertainment hub for the Brisbane CBD with various well-known spots, including the famous Wheel of Brisbane and Brisbane river that runs through the city.

IMG_20190302_145911_953I had visited some universities in Africa for comparison purposes, but USC was beyond measure. The facilities are exceptional and unlike the institution where I studied my undergraduate degree with 150 students in one classroom, USC has sometimes less than 30 students in each classroom which gives the lectures and students proper interaction to provide a personal experience in the learning environment. The study experience has been good, simple and direct. A combination of lectures, tutorials and practical exercises are used, including the use of an accounting software called Xero which is not available in Africa. This combination gives direct knowledge to prepare us for work upon graduation, which is exactly what employers are looking for. On a personal note, I am the only African in my class of 30, with most of my classmates coming from Nepal and India. One from the Philippines, two from Pakistan, and an exchange student from Germany thus creating a diverse group of people. This gives me pride to represent not just my country but the continent as a whole.

Traveling to Brisbane, Australia was a great experience for me as I had never left the African continent. It was and still is a great eye-opening experience to see the world from a different perspective. The differences in culture, society, advancement and development are things I thank God for every day as well for His guidance and protection.

IMG-20190429-WA0026Apart from the academic side of my experience, Brisbane is an amazing place to be; it is regarded as a great tourist city of Australia with perfect weather and great scenery. I created a proper school, work and life balance. I got my job within a month of my arrival, which I still have to date, and it helps pay for bills and even helps out my family back home. I love the transport system very much as it is efficient and reliable. Most days I have 8am classes, so my day starts bright and early. Furthermore, after classes I am off to work, all  by using the public transport system. I have visited places such as the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and travelled as far as Winton, a small town 1500km away from Brisbane. The town is famous for the founding of Qantas, Australia’s national airline, and also a dinosaur museum.

IMG_20190226_225440_232To all future students, I would advise them to do thorough research on the different aspects of studies and places they want to go. The decision impacts their lives forever, and time lost can never be gained. Follow your heart and passion, and don’t look at what the world says.

I am very grateful that I got this amazing opportunity to study in Australia and I am thankful to my wife and son for all the encouragement and support, as they are still back home, and my family who sponsored and helped me to experience this legendary time. I am looking forward to my life journey with all this experience being bestowed upon me.

Shariq from Pakistan studying at USC

As a student, picking the right university with relevant program, good course content, comfortable environment, outstanding supporting staff, advanced teaching IT facilities, cooperative lecturers and remarkable track record was vital. Therefore, I chose University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

USC is a great University with surprisingly rigorous academics. I must say that studying Master from USC was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Every lecturer I met at USC was very enthusiastic, actively involved in the industry in which they teach and willing to give you time and help you out throughout the semester.

The best part also includes opportunities to extend skills outside the classroom. As USC offers quite numerous extracurricular activities and so being a part of these activities in USC, I have learned other essential soft skills and gain some incredible confidence that will help me further in my professional life.

Other thing that matter most is that you enjoy the environment that you are in. USC has everything you need, including students common room, various relaxing places, several sporting facilities and don’t forget the library. Being an International student, I was bit afraid initially about how to adjust in a place where everything is new to me, but due to friendly and warm welcoming environment of USC, I overcome my fear and enjoyed the rest of the time and learned so many new things.

The academic and the overall student experience have benefited my personal development incredibly. Spending two years with USC will always be my best period of time.

I made a lot of friends who I hope to stay in contact with forever. I have experienced a whole new culture and traditions, and grew independently. It is well worth the costs and will greatly expand your views on Australia.

Mohammad from India studied and graduated from USC

The most treasured memory of my lifetime was the time I spent studying at USC.

This is Mohammad Asif from India. Choosing a University abroad was really a tough task for me because it comparatively involves a higher tuition fees, but after arriving to USC I realised that “I have made the best decision of my life”. The reason behind this is that I have been guided with efficiency throughout the process of application until completing my degree. This made me say that “USC is the best University in the world”. I got what I was looking for in a professional degree at a reasonable cost.

USC has got everything that an international student looks for in a University. Especially, it’s professors who give attention to every single student. I received enormous assistance throughout my degree that helped me to successfully complete my degree within required time.

Mixing with local students has been so easy because of their welcoming hearts and helping nature. I made so many friends that helped me to learn about Australian culture.

The campus consists of a lot of facilities to cater for the needs of students such as modern lecture theatres, library and master room where I spent most of my time studying with a group of classmates. I spent my leisure time in the USC Guild area doing extra-curricular activity and socialising with friends. USC International offers a range of different services such as understanding student health cover policy and maintaining the rapport between study and student visa conditions.

After completing my degree at USC I obtained two years of post-study work permit which has enabled me to gain some Australian work experience. I believe that this is a valuable asset on my CV.

I can proudly say that I am an MPA graduate of USC and spent the best two years of my life studying there.