Johanna Fuersattel from OTH Regensburg in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Hey guys, my name is Johanna and I’m studying European Business at OTH Regensburg in Germany. Part of my bachelors’ program is the fantastic opportunity to do a double degree program at the University of the Sunshine Coast for one year. I am currently finishing my second and last semester here and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I experienced and the amazing people I met that I will keep in my heart forever.

USC is a rather small university on the Sunshine Coast and is everything I wouldn’t have expected, compared to what I knew from my German university. Walking to my classes and saying hello to kangaroos living next to campus, spending my breaks laying in the sun and experiencing the beautiful weather are the things I will miss most about USC. Additionally, the student experience at USC is very different and classes are much more relaxed and open-minded than what I was used to. Instead of having one exam at the end of the semester, every course has about three tasks that are spread over 13 weeks of classes plus two weeks of exam period after the semester. This, and a system of lectures and tutorials where the students can deepen their knowledge and ask questions to their tutors, makes USC a very attractive destination to study.

But there is so much more than studying here. Drive for 15 minutes and find yourself at beautiful beaches, mountains and national parks, but also shopping centres and everything else you need. The Sunshine Coast is very local and chilled compared to big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, but if you have the urge to visit one of these: Brisbane is just a one hour drive away.

In my 4-month semester break, I had enough time to travel around Australia and do several road trips with friends I met at USC and at my student accommodation. Waking up in a different place every day, breakfast at the beach and camping in the most beautiful and remotest camping spots I have ever seen made these trips too amazing to end.

If you have the opportunity to come to this university, I definitely would recommend it. But be warned – once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave. I honestly had the time of my life at USC and I am sure that I will never experience something like it ever again.

Patricia from the University of Applied Sciences Regensburg in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

PatriciaFraserIslandHammockMy Study Abroad program at USC was a great and interesting experience which taught me that attending lectures, tutorials and writing assignments can be fun. I had the opportunity to study at a wonderful campus with new facilities, an amazing nature, wildlife and always good weather.

USC offers many services for international students which help you to get through the student life. Workshops such as Referencing or English for Academic Study helped me writing assignments and being able to understand the lectures or tutorials. Everyone is friendly, offers support and gives you feedback that you can improve yourself. I really enjoyed the lectures and tutorials because instead of learning boring theories you learn how to apply them. It is also a great way to communicate with tutors and other students which made me more self-confident about speaking English. The lecturers are so clever and motivating, they know exactly what they are talking about because they have heaps of work experience.

Sometimes it was hard to focus on studies because the USC and the Sunshine Coast offer cute kangaroos, stunning beaches, waterfalls, a really nice swimming pool, parties and mountains. My absolute highlight are the many different beaches around Sippy Downs and mountains which you can reach by car. I love climbing and hiking, watching the sunset and sunrise. I made the best friends at USC Activates, which is a club organised by students. We go on trips, explore the nature and have heaps of fun.

I am still in love with this amazing place and there are so many more reasons for that. The nature and especially the Australian lifestyle make me feel free and independent. Everyone is friendly, happy and appreciate this wonderful place. It is my place of peace and energy.

I think it is hard to find a better place where you can study, live and enjoy life.

By Patricia Selhorst