Niklaus Hess from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) in Switzerland studying at USC Sunshine Coast

PortraitHi there, I’m Nik from Switzerland. I study Business Engineering | Innovation at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU). Here at the USC, I did the Diploma in Business within one semester as part of my bachelor’s degree in Switzerland.


The USC is a partner university of the HSLU in Switzerland. Due to the popularity of the USC, students must come as a “freemover”, despite the partnership. Although, in my case, I could profit from a 15% partnership discount. I regret no dollar I paid because it was worth it in any case. Fortunately, the international office of my university in Switzerland gave me great support regarding the application process which made it quite easy for me to apply. Nevertheless, you should plan more than enough time to organize your exchange semester. The earlier you begin, the easier will the process be.


The campus of the USC in Sippy Downs is stunning: Trees, plants and colourful birds everywhere, several coffee shops and kangaroos jumping around the place. Also, the buildings and classrooms were very stimulating. For me, studying at USC campus was like studying with a lifestyle. The biggest difference from USC to the HSLU is the examination system. At HSLU, you have no exams during the semester, but big final exams at the end. So, you can relax during semester if you want, however, in most cases you then will have a quite stressful exam preparation period. Here at the USC, you normally have two or three tasks throughout the semester and sometimes a final exam at the end. Thus, if you invest in learning already in the beginning of the semester, you will probably have no stress at the final exam.


USC has an own student association which organize many events and trips, especially during the first few weeks. For international students, it is the best opportunity to connect with the other internationals. For example, I attended a day-trip to the rainforest, a market, and a famous beach. So, you could visit the Sunshine Coast and connect with other students at the same time which was fabulous. If you plan to come to USC for an exchange semester, you absolutely must arrive before the orientation week, because in this week there are a lot of social events and parties, so this is also one of the best ways to meet and do cool things with other students.


Due to the virus, this time was very special for me, but in a positive sense. Because of the restrictions, I had a lot of time for being with myself and thinking about life and the future. I spent every early morning at the beach for enjoying the sunrise, sipping coffee, walking along the Pacific Ocean, reading inspiring books, thinking about new ideas and so on. This gave me some very valuable personal insights which literally have been changing my life right now. Doesn’t matter if there is a virus or not – spending time in Australia is priceless, as long as you make the best out of it!

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Vera Trutmann from the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in Switzerland studying at USC Sunshine Coast

I am currently studying Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland. My university has a partnership with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), where students are able to study in Australia for a year and graduate with an additional Bachelor. Thankfully, I got accepted for the double degree program and here I am.

The USC campus is located in Sippy Downs and is surrounded by nature where various animals can be seen. In contrast to most universities in Switzerland, the facilities are in one place and all the buildings are close to each other. In General, the courses are held in two hours’ lectures and one-hour tutorials. The professors are highly proficient and always helpful whenever they can. In addition to the lessons, the campus offers a variety of sports activities such as a fitness studio, an athletic facility, and an Olympic size swimming pool. Swimming in the pool after class was a great way for me to find a balance to my everyday university life.

Additionally, the beaches along the Coast are quite easy to reach by bus or car. What is a wonderful cooling down in the summer months is also wonderful during winter, as there is never snow on the Sunshine Coast.

I already travelled to Australia in the summer of 2017, so during my studies I only visit the places I liked best nearby. My favourite spots are Rainbow Beach and Byron Bay. Rainbow Beach is only 1.5 hours away and offers a beautiful campsite and sand dunes with a fantastic sea view. Byron Bay, it requires a 3-hour drive and you will arrive at a place with an open and pleasant ambience. Furthermore, the beaches and lighthouse trail are also worth a visit.

In summary, the USC offers everything I was looking for and it has been a good decision for my international degree program.

Marc Hegglin from Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland studying at USC Sunshine Coast

Rise, and shine! From Bern to the Sunshine Coast

After finishing my MSc in Business Administration back home in Switzerland, I took the unique opportunity to get a Master of International Business at the USC within a Double Degree Program. Looking back, it was definitely a good decision to invest further time and nerves needed to receive the additional degree!

As I was not used to such a big campus back home, I really enjoyed the vibes on the campus ground with its nice Coffee Shops and places to sit down and chat with my class mates. There are even wild kangaroos living on the campus ground. I mean, how cool is that?! 🙂

Within every course we had to hand in three Assessments, which was slightly different as I was used to deadlines at the end of the semester rather than during the semester. Do not hesitate to contact your course coordinator, if you have any questions. The professors are very helpful and they will take time to explain everything. As almost everything in life, this system has positive and negative sides. The big advantage is definitely, that you do not need to worry about exams in the end of the semester, because there will be none. That means: The better you are organised; the more time you will have to explore the amazing Sunshine Coast!

I wanted to spend as much time as possible at the beach and this is why I took an apartment in Alexandra Headlands instead of living on the university campus. I can definitely recommend to do that, if you are also more a “beach-kind-of-girl/guy”. Furthermore, it was quite easy to find a place to stay, once I was there.

If you like to meet Australian “Mates” try to join a local sport club. If you like football, go and join the Maroochydore Swans, the current football champions of the Sunshine Coast! Do not mix it up with Australian Football (AFL). That is rather something for tough Australian Dudes, and it might be safer for Europeans to watch it with an ice-cold beer in one hand, rather than trying to play it 😉