Maya at Arhus University in Denmark

Arhus University (Far left photo) and the top-left photo was taken sometime in February. Arhus does not snow much compared to other Scandinavian countries. However, it is very windy as it is close to the ocean and there is no mountain in Denmark. Now day-light-saving has occurred and getting lighter but it used to be … Continue reading Maya at Arhus University in Denmark

Katie in Amsterdam

The ESN is one of the best things about studying at Hogeschool INHolland! It consists of a group of students (most of whom are Bulgarian, doing their whole degree in Amsterdam) who work together to make sure that our exchange semester is packed with lots of fun and cheap social activities. During orientation week, I … Continue reading Katie in Amsterdam

LEE from South Korea: Kicking it on the Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone. It’s Lee! How are you doing? I’m doing very well and enjoying the Australian lifestyle. In this blog I thought I would tell you information about social activities, especially for you guy who like sports because I’m telling you about Futsal in Australia (Indoor Soccer).  As a guy who likes exercise in general, I played soccer (Football) … Continue reading LEE from South Korea: Kicking it on the Sunshine Coast