Natnaree from Thailand: Jetboat Extreme

Summer is coming! I can feel the weather is getting warmer every day.

My sister came from Thailand to visit me on the Sunshine Coast recently and my boyfriend and I took her travelling around the Sunshine Coast and one day tour to the Gold Coast.

My sister had enjoyed the beach and sea at the Sunshine Coast so she wanted to do something different when we were at the Gold Coast. We did not have time to go to Movie World or Dream World (but I really want to go there when I get a chance).

My boyfriend suggested us to try the Jet boat in Gold Coast.  The Jet boat is a speed boat which takes you along the main river in Gold Coast (sorry I don’tremember the river’s name).

The boat will increase the speed faster and faster and then spin!! It was not only one turn but many again and again. We became all wet, even we are wearing raincoats.

It was so much fun and exciting! I really recommend this to everyone who has no idea what to do in the Gold Coast (except go to the beach). Also, for the jet boat is better to go around 4-5pm because it is pretty nice time of the day then and the scenery when cruisoing down the river is priceless.

One thing is the price! It is around $50 for 55 minutes, less than a dollar a minute.  Not bad isn’t it?

Travel safe ! See ya !

Natnaree from Thailand: The balancing act !

Assignments…make me be a great time manager!!

The first half of this semester has already passed. How fast is it? I still remember the first week of this semester when I met new friends and new lecturers.

Also, I still remember the day that I was stuck with my assignments. The first thing that I always do when the semester started is checking the assignment due date. I am quite sure that most of the students did the same thing with me.

The assignment due date is very important to plan my trip in the mid-semester break because I have to finish all my assignments as much as I can before I go to the trip.

Students normally have four courses in one semester and every course has about 4-5 assignments. We will have overall about 16 assignments per one semester! It is a big job. My friends and I always go crazy when we had to submit two assignments in the same week. I can become a nerd, sit with my laptop and shut myself in my room whole day before the assignment due date. Therefore, I have to be very careful of my time management.

Normally, I will have one day to relax and be lazy all day because I don’t want to get stressed from the study.

When I have a trip, I will forget about my study, work and assignment.  However, when I come back to study, I will study so hard and do my assignments properly.

I am an international student. I live far away from my family and friends.  I feel that  staying abroad can make me feel bit stressed and added pressure sometime because everything here is new for me.

If I can be the good time manager, it can make my life here easier and more relaxing. I can enjoy my break time and feel proud of my assignment results.

Natnaree from Thailand: Kangaroo! Friends and Food..?

Kangaroo! Friends and Food..?

Yesterday, when I walked to the University I found a little cute kangaroo chilling near the lake next to the University. Australians call the baby kangaroo ‘Joey’.

It is very common to see some kangaroos around the University. When I think about Australia, kangaroo is the first thing that comes first in my mind. I can see the kangaroos at the green yard in the University, on the street sign and at the food market!

I was really surprised when I had BBQ party with my friends and they wanted me to try kangaroo meat. I had never known that you can eat kangaroo! I could not explain what it tastes like.

For easy to imagine, kangaroo meat is like beef, but more sticky. The weird thing is my Australian friends don’t like it. However, for some international students it is a good experience to try it.

The kangaroos at the University are wild kangaroo. They will protect themselves if someone tries to touch them, especially the baby kangaroo. They sometime jump around the University or lie down under the tree just next to the buildings. They are not dangerous, but for safety keep some distance from them.

I had the excited experience with the kangaroo in the University.  One day I finished class and walked back to my apartment. The big kangaroo jumped and stopped in front of me. We were very close together. He looked at me. I feel like he wanted to know what I will do if he stranded and blocked my way home. I couldn’t do anything at the time. I was scared and think if I keep walking, he might punch me. I had to turn back to the University and wait until he goes. I was safe..

However, the kangaroo at Australia Zoo is so nice. They are friendly and always come close to everyone, especially when YOU HAVE THE FOOD IN YOUR HAND!!!


Natnaree from Thailand: EKKA, the fair that I waited for a year!

Hi everyone.  I have been here in Australia for 18 months now . Last year, I heard about the EKKA in Brisbane.

At first I was wondering what is EKKA, and then I asked some of my Aussie friends and found that EKKA is an agricultural show and also have amazing attractions. Unfortunately, I missed it last year. This year EKKA 2011 was started from 11 to 20 August at Brisbane (sorry, it is now gone). I went there with my friends from the Coast to Bowen Park in Brisbane. How exciting! I saw a lot of extreme rides. I tried the ride call ‘Extreme Speed’. It looks like a high pole (about 24 meters high), contained four people each side. It turned me upside down and swung me 360 degrees. I screamed like crazy! My friend thought I was crying.

Next, I tried the ghost ride. It was nice. I will not tell you what is inside. It was really awesome and great experience. I spent time (and money) in EKKA until late. I knew they had some shows and animals somewhere, but I was so tired to walk around. I really want to come back again next year to try all the rides and walk around the showbags areas (where I can buy the samples products from difference brands).

EKKA made my weekend so perfect!   I will not miss it next year!

Natnaree from Thailand: Sunshine Coast life

My sunshine life!

Hello everyone! My name is Natnaree. I am from Thailand and I am doing a Master of Communications. I have been here for one and a half year. Living in Sunshine Coast is wonderful. In Sunshine Coast is no traffic, no pollution like in the big cities. I can have a deep breath every morning and all day long. Also I love to spend my time on the beach. That is so amazing. The most important thing for me is safety. Sunshine Coast is very safe place to stay. The local people are so nice and kind.

Let talk about USC. USC is my second home here. Who can imagine that I can see the real kangaroos around the University! It shows how USC try to keep the good environment for the students. A lot of green spaces around the University make me feel so relax. Everyone in USC is nice and friendly. Lecturer, tutors, staff and students always have very warm welcome for international students.

So, I really enjoy every day of my life when I am here.

This photo is when I was in the first week of this University.