Marwa Raad Ismail from Study Abroad Gothenburg in Sweden studying a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) at USC SouthBank

parkHi guys! My name is Marwa Ismail I am studying a Bachelor in Human Resource Management at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) SouthBank campus in Brisbane. I am from Sweden and been in Australia for 1,5 years and I am now in my final semester.

Before moving to Australia, I did an internship at an agency called Study Abroad in Sweden. I chose to study at Sunshine Coast after having support from both international staff at USC and previous students.

studyI started my first semester studying at Sippy Downs and towards the end of the semester I decided to transfer to the Southbank campus, situated close to the Brisbane river and South Bank Parklands. The city is blessed with amazing surroundings and year-round perfect weather.

It has been an incredibly experience to study both at Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The student community has been a success with lots of support for international student and studying in Australia as an international student is a wonderful opportunity to extend your horizons, earn valuable qualifications and make lifelong friends.

beachI have had time to explore Australia by visiting new places and amazing national parks, seeing plenty of wildlife and beaches. As an outdoor person, there are great opportunities to explore and try new activities.

These past years have been an incredible journey for me. Studying abroad has helped my ability to live independently and have allowed me to gather knowledge and experiences on my own terms. I feel very lucky to have the privilege to study abroad at University of the Sunshine Coast.

– Marwa Raad Ismail @marwaaismail


Amy Zahn from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands studying a Diploma in Business at USC Sunshine Coast

img-0010.jpgHi, my name is Amy and I’m from Germany, but my home university is the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I’m currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, however at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), I am completing a Business Diploma in one semester.

Coming to Australia, I had many expectations about what I would see and do, but I was also surprised by several things. For example the high grocery prices, the cold nights in the beginning, but also the amazing cheap sushi and how helpful everyone is. I was not expecting to have that many assignments in the beginning, however, I then found out later I didn’t have any exams! Nevertheless, I was able to tick so many things off my Australia bucket list, mainly because I was able to take some amazing long weekend trips, which I will be giving some tips for here.

IMG-0007My main recommendations are the big cities in the South East of Australia: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. All offer great nightlife, and culture, but also beautiful nature which is very easily reachable from the city. If you don’t have a lot of time, going to Brisbane even just for a good night out can be worthwhile. You will be there after 2 hours on the train and can get away with a pretty cheap weekend away.

Sydney is a little further away and definitely more expensive. However you really have to visit the city at some point even if it’s only for the famous sights like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sydney has so much more to offer though, for example the large amount of great Asian food and amazing bars. If you have time you can go whale watching or escape the bustle at Bondi Beach or Manly Island, as well as the beautiful Botanical Gardens. For both Sydney and Melbourne, I would recommend taking a free walking tour on the first day, as your guide IMG-0014will give you many helpful tips and you will also be able to decide which part of the city you are most interested in afterwards.

Melbourne is slightly further away, but also cheaper once you get there. It’s known for its amazing coffee culture, and more alternative culture, in addition to being crowned as the most liveable city of the world (until Vienna overtook it last year). It also has a great tram network, which is free in the centre of the city. If you have more time there are many amazing things to do and see around Melbourne as well, such as visiting Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory National Park, the Grampian Mountains, or the Peninsula Hot Springs. You could even do a road trip from Melbourne via the scenic Great Ocean Road.


There are also many more great weekend trips you can do whilst studying at USC. Going to Fraser Island was probably one the most exciting things I experienced while I was here, because you get to drive over the beach and through bumpy inland roads that you can only access with a 4WD vehicle. Whether you love cities or nature, Australia has something to offer for everyone and you’ll definitely be able to find some time off from your studies to experience it with your new mates.

– Amy Zahn @littlebirdyinatree



Rajkumari Karki from Nepal studying a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank

QVDR2399My name is Rajkumari Karki, and I’m currently undertaking a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank. I’m from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. I come from a nursing background and I was keen to get a degree in a multi-disciplinary subject that would also be closely related to health. I did my research in finding a course that was new to me and had good career prospects. The Master of Heath Promotion at USC was what I decided to enrol into because this program had lot to offer.

My journey of moving and studying abroad got started when I came to Queensland. Along with the happiness, there were lots of challenges and hurdles ahead for me. Coming from a different cultural background, ethnicity, language and very distinctive way of teaching and learning, I had to work really hard to adjust myself to a completely new environment of independent learning.

IMG_4731I’m very thankful to USC for supporting me throughout. All the lecturers, facilitators and student support staff were always there to support me to find an answer to my queries. That’s how I got to know how many resources there are to help you when needed. It wasn’t just during class times that I received support; I’ve also been able to access a range of services available online, such as Studiosity and Student Hub.

As an international student I was pleased to see there are always resources and services available to help support you; all you need to do is reach out for them. Some of these helpful services include:

IMG_E4721Australia is big and there are lots of places to travel around. Travelling around Australia is very convenient due to easy access to various modes of transportation including bus, rail and ferry. I like it here in Queensland; it’s beautiful and has a lot to offer. I enjoy my time on beaches, they are really mesmerising. Redcliffe, Shorncliffe and Moreton Bay are good places to go. One of my preferred destinations is the South Bank Parklands which are very close to our campus. Sitting at the bank of the Brisbane River and spending some quality time with family and friends is a wonderful feeling.

IMG_1251Studying in new a country has its own beauty including meeting new people from all around the world,  exploring places full of adventure, learning in a very distinctive way of teaching and much more.

I have to say I am enjoying my studies at USC SouthBank. I would personally recommend that all international students use the resources available within the campus for better health and academic outcomes.

– Rajkumari Karki




Jerome Albores from the Philippines studying a Master of Professional Accounting at USC SouthBank

IMG_5531[1]Hi everyone! I’m Jerome, an international student from the Philippines. I am in my second year of studying a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) at the University of the Sunshine Coast: SouthBank campus. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines back in 2012. I then worked for 6 years in the corporate world as a finance analyst.

A decision to further your studies at the master’s level is never an easy one. When you add studying abroad to that decision, which includes leaving your friends and family, you can imagine how difficult of a decision it is. So I did what any reasonable person would do when faced with a decision like this; I made a pros and cons list. It was close but going to Australia to study further might be one of the best decisions of my life.

The University of the Sunshine Coast offers a great experience for students. As I am studying at the SouthBank campus, I am going through a unique journey in my uni-life. As it is a smaller campus compared to others, the campus creates a close relationship among the students. Everyone will most likely come across each other. Student support for Academic Skills to Student Wellbeing is easily communicated and given. I can reach out to my lecturers and tutors with no trouble and they are more than happy to help me with any questions I have with my studies. The lecturers’ and tutors’ expertise in their field offers different points of views that help me become a better professional in my field.

While staying here I try to travel as much as I can. I’ve driven down to Sydney from Brisbane, a 1000+ kilometre drive. It’s the farthest I’ve driven in my life and it was amazing! Seeing the countryside of Queensland and New South Wales during winter was beautiful. I went hiking up Mount Ngungun, one of the famous Glasshouse Mountains in South East Queensland. Up there you can glimpse the Sunshine Coast to the north and Brisbane to the south. I also went snorkelling in a shipwreck off the coast of Moreton Island; you can see different kinds of fish swimming in the gaps of the wrecks. There are so many things to do in Australia and I can’t wait to try them while I’m here.

IMG_5599[1]Studying abroad can be intimidating, particularly living in a country where I’m speaking a second language. But it is fulfilling as I am introduced to new people every day, new places and new experiences. In a diverse city such as Brisbane, I learn more about the world and its people. I get to know their cultures and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. In just a year of studying and staying away from home, I got to know myself as well. I taught myself to be more independent and to be more open to what life throws at me. Yes, I am here with a goal in mind but I can’t help stopping and appreciating the other things that studying abroad can offer me. All the knowledge and skills I’m learning here are definitely helping me become a better person.

If you have the opportunity to study in Australia or any other country, take it! Living in a different country will be one of your best decisions. You will become a whole better person with the things you learn. You will appreciate things differently and have a new outlook on life. Adventure awaits!

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Stacey Bailey from Scotland studying a Master of Health Promotion at USC SouthBank

Image-43Hi guys! My name is Stacey, I am studying the Master of Health Promotion at the USC SouthBank campus. I am from the UK and have been in Brisbane for 18 months and I am now in my final semester.

I have always dreamed of travelling around Australia and seeing the many differing landscapes – and the wildlife has always drawn me here. In 2013 my partner and I sold everything we had and spent two years doing just that and truly living the dream. I could not recommend travelling and experiencing the world enough to anyone. I loved my experiences of this amazing and diverse country, from the most magical days spent watching the whales off the coast of Hervey Bay, to the colourful sunsets in Uluru.

Image-40When I returned home to the UK, I lived and worked in London, but at the age of 33 I was not content in my career and wanted to return to the health sector. I had previously studied sports biochemistry and knew the decision was going to be a huge life-changing moment for myself and my partner. Thankfully he fully supported me in not only wanting to return to university but to study abroad. Having experienced Australia and fallen in love with the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane area, I chose the University of the Sunshine Coast to apply for my master’s degree.

The process to apply to USC was smooth and much easier than I anticipated, and in February 2018 we once again packed up and sold most of our belongings and made the 24-hour flight over here.

image-42.jpgStudying in Brisbane at the USC SouthBank campus has been such an incredibly rewarding experience. The campus is small but welcoming and friendly with lots of activities and support while thriving on student community and success. I have made friends from all over the world, which is amazing not only for the support they have given me but the variety of holiday destinations I now have on offer around the world!

The staff at USC SouthBank are such an asset to the University and help students transition to university life. This was evident in the support given to international students especially when I first arrived at orientation. During my time here I have also become a Student@Work at USC SouthBank. This was important to me as it has allowed me to become involved in orientation programs for new international students, enabling Image-45me to extend the kindness and support to others that had I received here during my first days. The academic staff in the Master of Health Promotion program are fantastic; the knowledge and support they offer is unlike any other experience I have had during my previous studies. The University offers a number of support services to ensure students are succeeding academically as well as providing Student Wellbeing support as a good work-life balance is paramount.

Image-46Whilst the studying is full time, I have also found time to continue exploring Australia, visiting new places like North Stradbroke Island and Tamborine Mountain. There are so many locations in this area that are great for walking and wildlife watching as well as lots of sporting events to enjoy.

I feel very lucky to have been able to study here and once I have graduated it will be a privilege to be a part of the University of Sunshine Coast alumni.

– Stacey Bailey

Sara Hajari from Iran studying a Master of Information and Communications Technology at USC SouthBank

5My name is Sara and I’m from Iran! I did my undergrad in statistics in my home country. Currently, I’ve been studying the Master of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) at the University of Sunshine Coast (SouthBank) for over two semesters. This program includes four semesters of study that can help me to become a data scientist after I graduate.

The USC SouthBank Campus is close to the Brisbane River and South Bank Parklands, a lively area with great bars and restaurants. As an international student, I find studying in Australia very beneficial due to multicultural communities, great universities, and nice weather.

2I have travelled a lot in Australia and have been to many cities in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. I like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast the most due to the pleasant weather and interesting activities in these cities, such as the theme parks, mountains, zoos, and beautiful beaches.

I decided to study the MICT at USC based on the wide range of specialised courses offered through ICT. I recommend that future students follow their intuition when choosing a subject, have a look at the list of courses for their chosen subject, and read the course outlines.

Moreover, I have benefited from the interactive lectures here at USC as my lectures are not just presentations. It is important for the lecturers and tutors to make sure that students figure out the concept of each session. The assessments are also designed in a way that helps students to comprehend the course modules deeply. Also, I highly suggest my peers take a look through the lecture slides available on the online learning management system Blackboard, before they attend classes and study the course materials after that.

In the end, I am happy with my decision to go to USC because of the friendly staff, my new friends and the opportunity to experience an international education.

Clemence Mataruse from Zimbabwe studying a Master of Professional Accounting at USC SouthBank

IMG-20190406-WA0020My journey to Brisbane, Australia started in June of 2018 with a simple visit to the Koala Education Centre (my agency) in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe. A friendly staff member (Kundai) sat down with me for a good consultation where I was given all the information I needed to get ready, and all the documents required for my application. Furthermore, she gave me various information about different institutions, their advantages and disadvantages, and also how coming to Australia and what it includes as opposed to other countries, which was a very good thing. Choosing The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) was a no brainer as I have an aunt who graduated from USC and she told me about its level of excellence.

IMG_20190530_103024Before coming to USC, I had studied an undergraduate degree from the University of Namibia in Banking and Finance back in 2016. Today, I am based at the USC SouthBank campus. Upon my arrival at USC in February of 2019 to study the two-year Master of Professional Accounting, I found the institution to be astoundingly superior to my former institution. My campus is in the heart of Brisbane itself, right in the middle of the city. SouthBank is the entertainment hub for the Brisbane CBD with various well-known spots, including the famous Wheel of Brisbane and Brisbane river that runs through the city.

IMG_20190302_145911_953I had visited some universities in Africa for comparison purposes, but USC was beyond measure. The facilities are exceptional and unlike the institution where I studied my undergraduate degree with 150 students in one classroom, USC has sometimes less than 30 students in each classroom which gives the lectures and students proper interaction to provide a personal experience in the learning environment. The study experience has been good, simple and direct. A combination of lectures, tutorials and practical exercises are used, including the use of an accounting software called Xero which is not available in Africa. This combination gives direct knowledge to prepare us for work upon graduation, which is exactly what employers are looking for. On a personal note, I am the only African in my class of 30, with most of my classmates coming from Nepal and India. One from the Philippines, two from Pakistan, and an exchange student from Germany thus creating a diverse group of people. This gives me pride to represent not just my country but the continent as a whole.

Traveling to Brisbane, Australia was a great experience for me as I had never left the African continent. It was and still is a great eye-opening experience to see the world from a different perspective. The differences in culture, society, advancement and development are things I thank God for every day as well for His guidance and protection.

IMG-20190429-WA0026Apart from the academic side of my experience, Brisbane is an amazing place to be; it is regarded as a great tourist city of Australia with perfect weather and great scenery. I created a proper school, work and life balance. I got my job within a month of my arrival, which I still have to date, and it helps pay for bills and even helps out my family back home. I love the transport system very much as it is efficient and reliable. Most days I have 8am classes, so my day starts bright and early. Furthermore, after classes I am off to work, all  by using the public transport system. I have visited places such as the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, and travelled as far as Winton, a small town 1500km away from Brisbane. The town is famous for the founding of Qantas, Australia’s national airline, and also a dinosaur museum.

IMG_20190226_225440_232To all future students, I would advise them to do thorough research on the different aspects of studies and places they want to go. The decision impacts their lives forever, and time lost can never be gained. Follow your heart and passion, and don’t look at what the world says.

I am very grateful that I got this amazing opportunity to study in Australia and I am thankful to my wife and son for all the encouragement and support, as they are still back home, and my family who sponsored and helped me to experience this legendary time. I am looking forward to my life journey with all this experience being bestowed upon me.

Shariq from Pakistan studying at USC

As a student, picking the right university with relevant program, good course content, comfortable environment, outstanding supporting staff, advanced teaching IT facilities, cooperative lecturers and remarkable track record was vital. Therefore, I chose University of the Sunshine Coast (USC).

USC is a great University with surprisingly rigorous academics. I must say that studying Master from USC was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Every lecturer I met at USC was very enthusiastic, actively involved in the industry in which they teach and willing to give you time and help you out throughout the semester.

The best part also includes opportunities to extend skills outside the classroom. As USC offers quite numerous extracurricular activities and so being a part of these activities in USC, I have learned other essential soft skills and gain some incredible confidence that will help me further in my professional life.

Other thing that matter most is that you enjoy the environment that you are in. USC has everything you need, including students common room, various relaxing places, several sporting facilities and don’t forget the library. Being an International student, I was bit afraid initially about how to adjust in a place where everything is new to me, but due to friendly and warm welcoming environment of USC, I overcome my fear and enjoyed the rest of the time and learned so many new things.

The academic and the overall student experience have benefited my personal development incredibly. Spending two years with USC will always be my best period of time.

I made a lot of friends who I hope to stay in contact with forever. I have experienced a whole new culture and traditions, and grew independently. It is well worth the costs and will greatly expand your views on Australia.

Mohammad from India studied and graduated from USC

The most treasured memory of my lifetime was the time I spent studying at USC.

This is Mohammad Asif from India. Choosing a University abroad was really a tough task for me because it comparatively involves a higher tuition fees, but after arriving to USC I realised that “I have made the best decision of my life”. The reason behind this is that I have been guided with efficiency throughout the process of application until completing my degree. This made me say that “USC is the best University in the world”. I got what I was looking for in a professional degree at a reasonable cost.

USC has got everything that an international student looks for in a University. Especially, it’s professors who give attention to every single student. I received enormous assistance throughout my degree that helped me to successfully complete my degree within required time.

Mixing with local students has been so easy because of their welcoming hearts and helping nature. I made so many friends that helped me to learn about Australian culture.

The campus consists of a lot of facilities to cater for the needs of students such as modern lecture theatres, library and master room where I spent most of my time studying with a group of classmates. I spent my leisure time in the USC Guild area doing extra-curricular activity and socialising with friends. USC International offers a range of different services such as understanding student health cover policy and maintaining the rapport between study and student visa conditions.

After completing my degree at USC I obtained two years of post-study work permit which has enabled me to gain some Australian work experience. I believe that this is a valuable asset on my CV.

I can proudly say that I am an MPA graduate of USC and spent the best two years of my life studying there.