Maddison studying at Niagara University

Sometimes I still can’t believe that this adventure I worked towards for years has actually come true, and that it is already half way through. I still remember the day when that confirmation email came through I couldn’t comprehend what I had just achieved for myself, so much so I was in tears, happy of course.

Arriving at the beginning of the academic year for the Americans, they really know how to put on a show. There was no time to spare with the few days of orientation, between sports day and the NU walk to the whirlpool tradition always done with a hug smile on my face.

Studying overseas has done so much for me; just popping across the boarder to Canada takes 15 minutes, which still blows my mind compared to Australia being a 12-hour flight from another country. Meeting some amazing people from all over the world and embracing every American tradition I can. I was just able to cross off of my list pumpkin carving which was both fantastic and kind of difficult and I couldn’t be more proud of my artistic work.

I’ve learnt that the American school spirit is next level, everywhere you look someone is wearing something purple and representing the school. The logo for Niagara University has become its own brand, they have a store on campus that is full of NU gear, and by the time I come home I’ll almost be bleeding purple. This type of culture really makes you feel apart of something big, every sport has a crowd of Purple Eagles ready to support its team.

Being able to live and study on campus really fosters a big family spirit, everyone is willing to help and there is always something to do on campus. I never expected to be this busy just socialising or with lack of sleep but I’m not complaining one bit. This experience has exceeded all my expectation and I’m almost dreading the awful goodbye I know is inevitable.

Studying abroad will give you the ability to learn things about yourself that you may have never known. Being thrown into a completely different environment is daunting and yes saying goodbye to family and friends was difficult but its not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you soon. I will walk away from this experience learning so much about myself that never would have happened had I not taken this amazing opportunity. I have now so many more friends and memories for years to come and anyone unsure whether to apply, just do it, who knows where you will end up and I promise it will be the best semester of your life.

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