Stephanie Feustel from HFWU Nuertingen Geislingen in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

G’Day mates!

Where to start a blog post about my study abroad semester at the University of the Sunshine Coast and my time in Australia when there is so much to tell you about?

Well, let’s start with the USC.

Why USC?

This is simple. The USC… it is a modern and international university in the middle of a wildlife reserve with friendly and supporting lecturers, tutors and staff members, a lot of space for students to learn or hang around and really nice little cafes.

And kangaroos! Don’t forget the cute kangaroos on campus.

How is studying at USC?

Studying at USC is challenging but manageable. Well, the challenge is not about that courses are too difficult (some of them are quite easy), but there is more work to do during the semester compared to Germany as there are three assessments in each course and at least one of them is an assignment.

However, there is always some time to have a barbecue with friends, go to the beach, have some parties at Varsity Apartments or visit the beautiful places and National Parks the Sunshine Coast has to offer. You can decide between lots of beautiful beaches or the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland, the choice is yours!

Furthermore, there is the mid-semester break which is perfect to explore some parts of Australia, especially when you go with the student club USC Activate it is heaps of fun and you see places you would never see if you would do them by your own or with an organised travel group. Activate is pure adventure and I truly recommend it to all the explorers and adventurers amongst you who really want to see the Land Down Under and have some true Aussie adventures.

To sum it up, it was crikey! I am in love with this place, Australia in general and the Australian way of living. I have learned things that school could never have teached me. I have met lots of gorgeous people and made some really good friends here. This time was the best I ever had so far and the experience and memories I have made here will last a lifetime.

Any doubts? The Aussies would say ‘No worries’ and I couldn’t agree more. Ignore them and go for it! I can highly recommend it.

Hooroo cheers!


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