Carol-Anne from France: Studies and travel plans

For anyone wanting to study communication at USC, you will learn AND have tons of fun. The teachers are great; the assignments are fun and useful. I’m in my second semester into my Master’s degree in Communication. I have to do two semesters of course work and one semester of thesis which will be next semester in February 2012.

This semester is great because I was able to get a nice timetable with a lot of free time. I have Tuesdays and Fridays off. It allows me to work more hours for my job. Hopefully I will be able to get a few long weekend trips as well. Time is going by so quickly and there are still so many places to see in Australia

I’m still organising my trip to New Zealand for the semester break. I will be going to Auckland for a week. I’m pretty sure that will be great fun and that New Zealand will blow my mind away… or the French rugby team by winning! Either way (or both ways would be great) I’ll be thankful for such a trip!

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