Blanca from Mexico: first time in Australia

Hello, my name is Blanca, I’m from Mexico and I’m studying Psychology here in USC only for this semester. I’m actually the first student from my home university to come to USC so it has been quite a challenge for me! This is the first time I travel outside the American continent and I love it! Even though it’s been difficult to adapt to this new culture, to a different language (my first language is Spanish) and uni, I’m glad to see that everyone in here is really helpful and nice, making it easier for you. For example, O-Week was an interesting and good opportunity to get introduced to USC system in a simple and effective way. Once classes begun I realized that I’m enjoying having lectures and tutorials, which is different from home.

I live in Unicentral Accommodation which it’s great because it’s close to uni and I have everything I need in my unit, like my own room and also a laundry room. Another great thing from Unicentral is that there are a bunch of places where to meet new people, like the pool, the Pavilion or the BBQ areas. Perfect areas to relax from school and homework! Living in a student accommodation its amazing because you get to meet a lot of new people from all around the world who are in the same situation as you and who have the same interests like travelling, studying and having a good time in Australia.

So if you are planning to have an international experience, please don’t think it twice! It’s such a great experience that I promise you won’t regret or forget!

PS. Kangaroos are real, there’s definitely no photoshop on the USC brochures!

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