Nathan at The University of Mississippi, Oxford

I’ve always been a person who jumps on the opportunity to get out of the country every chance I get, and what better way to exploit this habit then by participating on the Study Overseas program. I had always wanted to study abroad and looking into it only confirmed my desire to. It started with picking somewhere to go; now this was not an easy process. I knew I wanted to study somewhere English speaking but at the same time I wanted to throw myself out of my comfort zone.  What better place to do that then The University of Mississippi, (or Ole Miss as I now call it) in the reputable south of the United States.

My time here so far has been a roller coaster of cultural experiences that I couldn’t be more grateful for. Coming from the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and moving to Oxford, MS was definitely a huge transition, don’t get me wrong I am definitely missing the surf, sun and sand but nowhere near enough to want to go home anytime soon. I began the semester very tired and COLD, I guess I should have looked into the weather here a little more before packing because it has been freezing for most of the spring semester. Orientation week was a whirlwind of new friends, good times and language barriers (yes they speak English here, but definitely not Australian). Ever since I’ve been enthralled by each and every experience, the school and the people have won me over in ways I had never anticipated.

Almost to the end of my spring semester now, and one too many snow days later I have some great experiences to look back on. Some of the stand outs are, travelling to New Orleans, Louisiana for Mardi Gras, wow was that an experience, NOLA is like no city I have ever been to. Not to mention the Mardi Gras festival which was full of celebrations like no other. The beads, the masks and the parades was the perfect recipe for a good time if there ever was one. The next being spring break, me and my roommate rented a Mustang and travelled to the notorious Panama City Beach, Florida. It was a good time full of beach parties and concerts; it kind of reminded me of schoolies on the Gold Coast but was fun none the less.

Oh and don’t let me forget, in about my 3rd week of school I started working voluntarily as a house boy at the Kappa Delta sorority house. The amount of work I actually do is very questionable but I definitely do enjoy socialising and of course the free food, so to any KD’s that may be reading this ‘G’day’. And for any Australian’s that have no idea what a house boy is, google it, this post has a word limit haha. From the Ole Miss Basketball and Baseball games to the spring field parties Oxford has definitely became my home away from home, and playing Ole Miss rugby definitely has kept me in shape after all the binging. I’ve appreciated many ‘firsts’ in Mississippi, first time shooting a gun, first time eating Alligator & catfish…., first time I’ve ever been asked if I ride a Kangaroo to school and the first time I’ve made so many good friends in such a short period of time. To anyone looking for a great college experience and don’t mind one too many baggy sorority shirts go to Ole Miss! I’ve learnt so much about myself and honestly, I could not think of a better way to spend my time and hard earned money than in Oxford. Believe me I couldn’t include everything so if you’re from USC and have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!
So for now Hotty Toddy Y’all.

By Nathan Cash

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