Kerstin Brasseler from Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany studying at USC Sunshine Coast

My name is Kerstin and I am studying Information and Communication Design at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany. For my semester abroad I wanted to see something completely different from home, so I decided to come to kondalillafallsAustralia and USC where I am studying a Diploma in Communications.

When I first arrived at the USC campus, I immediately fell in love with all the animals that you see. Every day, there are kangaroos jumping around or just chilling in the sun. During my time here, they also had adorable Joeys (baby kangaroos).

Studying at USC is different from my studies in Germany. The workload is much higher, because there are multiple assessments during the semester, which oblige you to study consistently. The classes are also set up differently. For my diploma, I took four courses. Half of my courses had a lecture and a tutorial, and the other half were computer workshops. The lectures lasted for an hour koalaand the tutorial, which split the lectures into smaller groups, lasted for two hours. After listening to the lectures, it was helpful that there was the tutorial, where you could ask follow-up questions and get a better understanding of the course objectives. In the computer workshop, everyone – as the name suggests – was provided a computer and there were software lectures, tutorials and time to work on the assignments.

My decision of living and studying in Australia was definitely worth it. Sunshine Coast is beautiful, and everyone is so friendly. The University is not far from various beaches, so the sunny days can be spent there. Even in the winter, the weather is mostly warm and lovely.

During my mid-semester break, I rented a car with a friend and we drove around the area such as to Noosa, which you should not miss out on during your stay here! There are also a lot of zoo’s around the area, so if you want to see cute Australian animals and even pet them, that is the place to go! My friends and my favourite spot were Betty’s Burgers at the Sunshine Plaza, and the burgers there are so delicious.

In short, I had a great time and made memories for a lifetime.


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