Felix from Germany: Australian Uni Guides

Hey everyone,

How is it going?

I have to announce a groundbreaking discovery. I guess I just found out how to travel in time. My semester ends already in three weeks! What happened to the bygone 14 weeks?? It is really hard to accept that my time at the sunshine coast is almost over. I found so many friends here and to be realistic, most of them I will never see again. And I experienced so much! One of my personal highlights were definitely the Australian Uni Games at the Gold Coast. It was EPIC! I will never forget what happened in those six days. I witnessed the Australian version of Spring Break! Of course, above all it was about the competition.  I was part of a great team, the games were on a high level, we even achieved to make the fourth place in the Volleyball comp…..nevertheless, it s  the nightly memories which come to my mind first when I remember  the AUG. It is impossible to describe the occurred in words, but I can try to impart you an imagination. The host community Surfers Paradise is Australia’s answer to Miami Beach. An impressive Skyline located directly at the beach, over 315 days a year with sunshine and one of the most impressive nightlife infrastructures I’ve ever seen in my life. Those were the circumstances. Combine this with 7000 party addicted students from all over Australia and you get the Uni Games. People went mad! I can’t describe it in other words. What happens in Surfers stays in Surfers, but believe me this, I had one hell of a time! Thanks to my teammates, you’re the best! But instead of getting sentimental it is time to look ahead. To end my semester equals the beginning of my travel time! I will stay in Australia until April, so heaps of time is left for new adventures. I don’t have a concrete travel schedule yet, but I want to see as much as possible in Australia and New Zealand. My travel buddies will alternate, so far one friend from Norway and one other from Sweden will join me respectively for 3-4 weeks. Everything else is uncertain, but it is exactly this circumstance which I like the most. Conclusively, I can only hope that time doesn’t run this fast again.

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