Czech it out!
I have been in Brno, in the Czech Republic, for almost two months now. And I love it! The town is beautiful and the culture is so thick, you can just get lost in the streets and people. I recommend choosing the Autumn semester as the golden leaves make the town look even more beautiful and if you are like me and have never seen snow, then it is all the more exciting.

The university, Masaryk, offers excellent courses for Arts students that focus on Literature. There are also courses for Economic, Law and Business students too. Masaryk runs an excellent International Student Club that offers great support, loads of fun activities and the best part, a tutor to help you settle into your new town. They also offer excursions and trips to the neighboring countries for half of what it would cost if you went on your own.

When you apply for this exchange I recommend applying to live in the Vinašká residence. Block A1 is full of international students and you are bound to make lots of new friends as there is always a party going on. The accommodation is very cheap, as is just about everything here! Beer is actually cheaper than water. And, if you love meat, then you must try all the local dishes. They are big, meaty and go great with Brnos own beer, Starobrno. The people in this little town are very kind and most of the students are bilingual and always happy to help if you get lost. I do strongly suggest that you learn a little Czech before you come, just to make life easier for yourself.

And, if there is one thing you must do while in Brno, go and see an Ice Hockey game. I have never seen anything like it! I am looking forward to the upcoming snow and the rest of the trips that the ISC has organised. I try to remember to study, but there is just so much to do and see!

I hope you too, decide to come and Czech it out!


Jolene in the Czech Republic

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