LEE from South Korea: Kicking it on the Sunshine Coast

Hi everyone. It’s Lee! How are you doing? I’m doing very well and enjoying the Australian lifestyle.

In this blog I thought I would tell you information about social activities, especially for you guy who like sports because I’m telling you about Futsal in Australia (Indoor Soccer). 

As a guy who likes exercise in general, I played soccer (Football) and I also participated in the uni club Social Socer on  Friday afternoon. 

As you can guess though there are some competitions run all over the Sunshine Coast, and you can enjoy playing and meeting other people! So recently I joined the Fusal Club in Sunshine coast. You can register at their local sports shop at the Big Top Shopping Centre called the The Football Shop.

The entry fee is around $100 (depending which season you play – Summer or Winter) and every time you need to pay about $10 dollar for insurances and the game fee. There is a referee and the fee covers any accidents, that may happen whilst you are playing. 

You can choose your day which you play with other teamsand which level suits you best including Mixed teams. You will meet other teams randomly in the weekly draw and play to make the finals about 5 months later. I play on Tuesday evening 😀

If you are interested in, you can join our team! There are two Aussies and Thai guy, one guy England and me a Korean guy. xP.

 This is the web site.  www.sunnycoastfutsal.com.au

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